Saturday , June 23, 2018

10 things about Matteo Guidicelli

1. On top of this favorite food list is the Cebuano Holy Week staple, binignit. It’s one of the things he always comes home for.

2. Before he entered show business, his dream was to be the first Pinoy to join Formula One.

3. Matteo grew up with people who were older than him. Being in the racing world since he was 11, he was surrounded by older racers. He considers it a blessing because he says his friends guided him and stirred him away from bad vices.

4. Go kart racing may be a closed chapter in Matteo’s life, but he still gets his adrenaline fix from his one and only guilty pleasure: riding his Harley Davidson Fat Bob.

5. While shooting the music video for “Ipapadama Na Lang,” he brought his Manila film crew to Cebu. They were shooting the yacht scene when Matteo suddenly jumped into the water, which startled his crew. He just laughed because jumping in the middle of the ocean is normal for Matteo, who grew up spending weekends at the beaches of Moalboal.

6. Matteo is the eldest child in his family. He has a younger sister, Giorgia, and a brother, Paolo. He’s very close to both of them.

7. His daily exercise routine is running for about 20 to 30 minutes. For Matteo, being active is always on top of his to-do list.

8. During his first triathlon race, Matteo almost drowned because he lacked training. He thought that being an already active guy was enough to finish a tri race. He finished the swim leg but could only walk during the running part because of fatigue. “After that, I realized that this sport wasn’t a joke. I had to train for this,” he said.

9. Before go karting, Matteo also raced horses when he was about nine years old. He met an accident once when the horse jumped too high and he fell off. His mom and grandma went crazy, but his dad just asked him if he was okay and if he could do it again. And he did. That taught him that when things go wrong, recuperate then try again.

10. Matteo’s mantra in life: “There are no shortcuts to the greatest successes in life.”