Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Councilor pushes to have cockpit in every city district

CITY Councilor Lyndon Acap, chairman of the City Council committee on games and amusements, pushes to have one cockfighting arena in each administrative district in Iloilo City.

The city has seven administrative districts, and Presidential Decree 1310, as amended, is allowing the creation of one licensed cockpit arena in each city and town district.

Acap said it is the custom and tradition of the Filipinos to go to a cockfighting arena during weekends, fiestas, and other celebrations to enjoy and be entertained.

“We are correcting the wrong of the past and should not be selective in allowing investors to put a cockpit arena as provided for in the law. Cockfighting is not illegal per se but only the unlicensed and not accredited cockfighting arena,” Acap said.

The legal cockpit is expected to put a stop to the illegal cockpit or “bulangan” and the clandestine “patuwak” of fighting cocks held in the community. The proposed legal cockpit will also encourage investors to pool resources and put up the cockpit with a business permit from the city government.

Acap said public hearings and consultations with various stakeholders will be held by the month of June to determine the pulse of the people regarding having cockpit arenas in every district.