Tuesday , April 24, 2018

Seares: Twisting the truth: do MILFs suck more?

WHAT critics see as President Aquino's failure in the Mamasapano tragedy: He didn't own up responsibility.

Well, PNoy did say he'd carry the burden "to the end of his days" but he also dumped all blame on resigned PNP chief Alan Purisima and sacked Special Action Force head Getulio Napeñas.

And he still has to tell the facts. Now and then, he dishes out parts of the truth, which haven't convinced the public at all.

In their report on the massacre submitted to the Senate last March 24, the MILF rebels appear to be doing a PNoy.

Rebels disclaim knowledge about two terrorists who sought refuge in houses located three kms. from MILF "homeland." But the report urges that heads of their two base commands face "disciplinary action" for "laxity" and "glaring failure of intelligence" to detect the terrorists' presence.

Sen. Miriam Santiago calls it an "orgy of truth-twisting," which she finds among security officials, the president, and MILF.

The rebels could be worse: their claim about the fugitives clashes with their own admission and vaunted territorial control. They knew in 2002 but told the fugitives to leave only in 2005, which was ignored until the SAF assault last Jan. 25.


At least, PNoy admitted the tragedy was his to bear though he still had to say if shunning of PNP's chain of command was "gago" (in Miriam's words) and entrusting mission control to a PNP chief stripped of authority was more disastrous than stupid.

There's no MILF executive standing and accepting the blame. And fault is limited to neglect of duty, not the atrocity against SAF troops.

Apparently the rebels suck more in "truth-twisting."