Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Playtime at the Sky Park

CHILDREN should be able to play under the sun, unleashing their creativity through made-up games, running around a park while making lifelong friends along the way. A playground should be a world of fun and excitement for a child where they could hone people skills and build relationships outside the family.

A whimsical world recently opened at the SM Seaside City. The mall has become a colossal lifestyle complex since it opened its doors just a year ago, and now it ups the ante with Sky Park, an elevated area set among its lush foliage with relaxing water features that every child—and child at heart—would love.

Located at the Sky Hall Lobby of the Mountain Wing, the gorgeous roof deck with manicured landscapes is a sure go-to place for families with its playgrounds, amphitheaters and various restaurants that surround the park.

Sky Park is composed of three playgrounds: Fun and Play, Water Play and the most whimsical of all, the Sky Play.

Fashioned by world-renowned furniture and products designer Kenneth Cobonpue, the Sky Play displays a one-of-a-kind play park where children can have endless fun. The Sky Play brings to life a child’s vivid imagination in its unique design which seems to mimic the features of gigantic animals.

A child’s imagination could run wild in this place. Sky Play was inspired by UFOs and outer space as well as prehistoric dinosaurs—things that are typical in a child’s fantasies. The set was built in hopes of nurturing a child’s creative thought processes through the simple joys of outdoor play.

The Water Play has fun and interactive water features that children would love, especially during months of blistering heat. Kids from three to eleven can splash around and enjoy a refreshing shower, provided that they wear the proper swimming attire.

The Fun and Play is a setup of slides and obstacle courses that would surely entertain one’s tiny tots for hours. One can re-imagine the play set as a pirate ship, set to sail the wondrous yet dangerous Pacific.

Aside from the playgrounds, the Sky Park also has three amphitheaters where friends and family can chill and unwind while listening to live bands and other thematic events. These amphitheaters also have interesting special features such as the foaming jet and lovely water features that would complete picture-perfect memories. Various restaurants also surround the Sky Park, making it a great place to make lifetime memories with one’s loved ones.

The young and the young at heart would surely have an enjoyable and entertaining time at the SM Seaside City Sky Park.