Sunday , June 24, 2018

A quick tour inside the modern cave of Japan

HAVE you ever tried walking through the cave with steel stairs inside for convenience? How about going to the top of a hill via an escalator?

At Ryugado Cave of Kami, Kochi Prefecture in the Shikoku Island of Japan, you will experience all these things. Don’t get me wrong, though. Amid these modern facilities to reach different points of the cave, one can still enjoy the experience, especially with its natural beauty.

Going up and going around the cave

To reach the location of the cave on top of a hill, we took an escalator. Yes, going up was no sweat.

The Philippine delegation of the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Young Leaders) Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development and Promotion Course were awed by this modern facility. Imagine climbing a hill even with your red stiletto, isn’t that amazing?

When we reached the cave, we were further awed by the fact that we did not have to suffer just to get from one point to another. Well, some tourists were even in their heeled boots while going around the cave.

Senior citizens do not need to worry, too, since it is still convenient inside. Aside from the stainless steel stairs, they can also rest their feet from time to time since there are benches at certain portions of the cave. Feeling hot? There is an electric fan as well.

There is another way

If you are an adventure-loving person, there is also another way to enjoy the majestic beauty of the Ryugado Cave. We opted for the easier one since we were not properly dressed for the occasion.

Despite taking the more challenging way up and through the cave, Japan’s technology-driven culture can still be experienced. The tourists can download an app called the Cavigator, a multi-lingual audio tour guide for Android users, which can be downloaded prior to the climb. Yes, the facility outside the cave has wi-fi.

Going down

While we thought that going down the hill was going to be tough, we were greeted with the long and winding stairs. Therefore, going down with your red stilettos will never be difficult neither.

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