Monday , May 21, 2018

Trillanes: Duterte should be impeached after declaring he killed suspects

SENATOR Antonio Trillanes IV said Sunday that President Rodrigo Duterte's admission that he killed criminals when he was mayor of Davao City mayor could be grounds for impeachment.

In an ANC interview, Trillanes said Duterte could face impeachment cases once the public decides to end the bloody war against drugs.

Trillanes, a staunch critic of Duterte, said that impeachment is not a legal issue but a political issue, needing the public's nod.

"Impeachment is not a legal issue, it's a political issue. So all of these things would depend largely on the political situation," he said.

"The bases for impeachment are already there but the political condition is not yet there," Trillanes said.

Last Friday, Duterte confessed that he drove around Davao, the southern city he had served as mayor for more than two decades, in a motorcycle to look around for an encounter with criminals.

He also admitted killing people during his third month as mayor by shooting them from the window using a carbine.

According to Trillanes, the public is now perceived of being a pro-Duterte but he added that once they realize that the president's drug war has nothing more to offer, everything will change.

"Right now, it's predominantly pro-Duterte or the public is giving him enough leeway to prove himself. But once they realize that beyond his so called war against drugs he has nothing more to offer, then probably things will change," he said, adding that impeachment cases may be filed early next year when people "feel differently".

In May, Trillanes accused Duterte of having around P211 million in a joint bank account with his daughter Sara Duterte, which was not declared in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities. (Sunnex)