Tuesday , May 22, 2018

Cariño: Christmas reminder

THE Christmas lights on our tree are on and were dislodged sometime last night. But I look again and now, the lights at the spot which they moved of their own volition formed into a big heart, now outlined against tinsel and green, and shining over the belen under the tree.

This sight is just beautiful and my day’s first reminder this holiday season is and should be about heart, first of all and last of all.

Then a phone call. A friend tells me she is bringing over some of her rice harvest, and that is a wonderful gift. I am thankful, especially because my DNA needs rice. My friend says that she is thankful for the ube jam from my mother’s kitchen but more thankful that we are all friends. That to her, the true blessing is the friendship through thick, through thin. This is my day’s second reminder that indeed, this season is and should be about love.

Then a text from family on the road: “Aunt, what’s for lunch?” I ask my once upon a time baby nephew “What do you like?” His response is his usual “fried chicken.” There are years I think he comes home just for his Lally’s fried chicken. But of course that’s not so.

There’s the Baguio cold, the tent in front of the warm fireplace, the “camp” he makes of the sala, and so on. But the truth is, there’s that he’s home, where heart and hearth are. Where his grandma’s fried chicken lives, too, incidentally.

This afternoon, I will go about putting finishing touches to the Christmas décor and getting errands done so no one has to move till Tuesday unless by choice. I thank God for the weekend with family who are in from -- gosh – Africa. In another age, they would have had to arrive by flying camels. Thank God there are now planes and Facebook for the rest of the sibs.

Thank God for family, friends, love, heart. These are what Christmas is truly about. Merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year!