Monday , April 23, 2018

Biantan: Ronda ‘Lousy’ should now quit fighting

I WAS not an MMA fight fan until I started watching Ronda Rousey’s fights three years ago.

I was hooked. She was fast, good looking and very aggressive. Something I like for a girl or a fighter.

She was in devastating form winning all her first 12 fights with impressive first round wins except for one.

That was in the span of four years. She mesmerized the fights fans and became the biggest attraction in the MMA world.

Hollywood even attracted her and she starred in several blockbuster films. In fact she spent more time doing films in 2015 than on the ring.
With more film exposure and lesser time to train, Ronda went on to see action against Holly Holm in Australia in 2015.

Holm knocked her out in two rounds. It was a devastating setback, her first in her career as a professional MMA fighter.

She promised to come back and after more than one year of thinking and training she came back to challenge Brazilian Amanda Nunez in Las Vegas last Dec. 30, 2016.

Her return was horrifying. Nunez knocked her out in 48 seconds of their action packed fight.

Ronda looked horrible in that fight from the start. Her form was gone. Her quickness had left her and all she could do was to try to defend herself from the devastating punches of Nunez.

The old Ronda was gone. If she will try to stage a comeback later, her handlers should check her tactics.

Ronda is at her best on the floor. Why was she trying to outbox a boxer? All her early victories were from submissions. Arm locks which she has mastered as a judo champion. All of them were orchestrated on the floor.

Why change tactics after in a very important fight.

Was she forced to fight that way? Or did the Holly Holm loss break her mentally that she was just too scared when she faced Amanda?

It does not matter if Ronda fails to stage another comeback. She looks great on the big screen anyhow.