Sunday , May 27, 2018

How to make right decision every single time!

SOMETIMES, it’s the smallest decision that can change my life or your life forever. Thus, I ask myself the right question “What is the wise thing that I should do to make the right decision every single time?”

It should be based on three realities: to reflect upon our past experiences and circumstances, in light of our present responsibilities and circumstances, and consider our future objectives, hopes and dreams.

At one point of our lives, we might have asked these questions: “What will I do to be accepted by my friends, boss or peers?” “What would others say or think of me if I decide to do this?” “Will I still be ‘cool’ if I do this or will I be left out?” “Will I get ahead of the rest if I do this?” “Will I become rich or successful if I do this?”

If we look at these five questions on face value, it would seem that there’s really nothing wrong in asking and responding to them. However, the main issue is that if asking these five questions will truly lead us into making the right decision . . . . . the answer is no.

In asking the right question to make the right decision every single time takes wisdom and skill. Wrong question leads to wrong answer. Wrong answer leads to wrong action. Wrong result can lead to more than the loss of a full set of fingers.

On my part, when I'm facing a problem, one right question is “What is the root cause of the problem and bombard it with “why” until I unmask the real culprit. This applies to my work, too. I ask several why's: Why are our sales declining? Why is that machine spitting out defective products? Why are we bloated in inventory? And so on. I ask for unvarnished feedback and verify each assumption. Then when I finally find that culprit, I squash it without delay. What about you? How do you make the right decision every single time?

In both my professional and personal life, I have observed that the most effective way to increase the probability of success for decisions is to “foresee and forestall” the adverse consequences they often produce.

Also, the best decisions are made by those closest to the problem or most affected by the decision. Especially when there are times that I have to make a unilateral decision (my own decision without the agreement of others) which usually proves to offer an important advantage for myself and others. And fortunately, commitment follows because sadly, others are unlikely to stay committed to a bad decision even if they were involved in making it.

Ever since I believe that I am a full and equal partner in development and nation building. Thereon I supported Republic Act 7192 and made it as my research study for my Doctor in Management Book entitled “Gender Equality and Managerial Effectiveness of Executives in Government and Private Organizations in Cagayan de Oro City: Basis for Gender Responsive Executive Development Program.”

And above all every single time, I pray to the Most High to show me the right thing to do in all my endeavors. What about you? What do you believe in that you have to decide for yourself now for our development and nation building?

The Year 2017 is now upon us. Let's learn to ask the right questions so that we can make the right decisions and enjoy our best life ever!


My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Carlo Antonio Romero for the operation of my left-eye cataract and the understanding support of his staff. Thank you also for your prayers for its success which I needed so much.