Sunday , May 27, 2018

Limpag: Lady fate smiles on CPSC, Boystown

I SAW pictures of the Cebu Province Sports Commission (CPSC) clinic at the Boystown in Minglanilla and I was really impressed with the turnout.

There must have been thousands of attendees. They were packed in the gym and I think that’s the most-attended sports clinic I’ve seen in recent years.

And to think this all started when the University of the Visayas basketball coach Van Parmis started conducting basketball clinics at the school and invited the CPSC to go with him during one trip.

It’s an invitation that could be the stuff of legends in years or decades to come, depending on the outcome of the program. There are thousands of untapped potential athletes in the school and CPSC—armed with its know-how and coaches—could discover the next big thing in Cebu sports.

Remember, June Mar Fajardo was a nobody. He wasn’t even scouted before he walked in on UC. Who knows, from the thousands of kids who joined the basketball and football clinics, and the hundreds more, who will join the athletics and swimming clinics of the CPSC, a handful of diamonds in the rough may turn out to be future stars?

And look how they all started? Because a basketball coach invited more people and coaches to teach kids other sports other than the nation’s no. 1 sport.
This is why I love stories like this.

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NEW LOOK. So, how do you like the new look? Never mind the updated pics of columnists—which old design or new—kids will still doodle on. How about the design of your favorite paper?

We’ve gone smaller, but we’ve gotten bigger too. The sports pages at least. From three to four and check out the pics. One of the problems I had in the previous design was that readers, friends and even organizers send a lot of photos, and we only get to use one or two. Now, with a photo brief, we can run as many photos as we want.

And get this, the photo briefs can be thematic. Sources usually end up disappointed when I tell them that they have to wait for a day or two because someone beat them in submitting a photo of their champion team in a football festival.

Heck, for our photo briefs, we can run a champion’s roll or even, the MVP. Our limit is our imagination.

That’s the advantage of the new design.