Monday , May 28, 2018

Firm to purchase Baguio’s compost fertilizer

A LICENSED fertilizer distributor will purchase the high grade compost fertilizer produced by the Baguio City’s two environmental recycling system (ERS) machines installed at the closed Irisan open dumpsite that currently processes some 48 tons of biodegradable waste to high grade compost fertilizer.

City General Services Officer Romeo Concio said Raport Innovation, a licensed fertilizer distributor, plans to purchase some 8,000 sacks of compost fertilizer stocked in the processing area for its clients in the lowlands.

Concio revealed the company conducted a six-month experiment using the compost fertilizer produced by the ERS machines and it found it suitable for palay and vegetables, thus, some municipalities in Tarlac have informed the firm that it will be purchasing the city’s compost fertilizer by bulk in the future.

“We are elated after a long time, the local government will now be realizing a return on investment from the sale of the compost fertilizer stocked in the area for quite some time,” Concio said.

Concio added details of the agreement with the firm are being finalized before the signing of the formal contract detailing the obligations of each party.

The local government purchased the two ERS machines amounting to a total of P128 million purposely to process some 48 tons of biodegradable waste to compost fertilizer to be sold to recover the cost of its purchase.

Aside from purchasing some 3,000 sacks of compost fertilizer last month, Concio said the firm committed to entering into a long-term agreement with the city for an increased volume purchase.

The city official added the company will purchase the compost fertilizer at P3 per kilo which is lower than the supposed P6 buy-back price of the supplier of the machines.

Concio said his office is doing its best to dispose of the stockpiled compost fertilizer to earn revenue for the city, thus, the agreement with this company which found the fertilizer to be useful.

He assured critics of the ERS machines that the machines are still operational and continue to process some 48 tons of biodegradable waste daily which is being added to the stockpiled compost in the area.

The operation of the ERS machines will be part of the city’s integrated solid waste disposal facility to be established in either Antamok, Itogon, Benguet or within the 139-hectare city-owned property in Sto. Tomas School Area.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the portion of the city’s solid waste management plan containing the integrated solid waste disposal facility was suspended by the local legislative body for still unknown reasons. (Dexter See/PIO)