Saturday , May 26, 2018

Osmeña leaves hospital, no more stomach pain

CEBU City Mayor Tomas Osmeña was discharged from the hospital yesterday morning after he was confined there for a day due to stomach cramps.

Councilor Margarita “Margot” Osmeña, the wife of the mayor, said that they left Chong Hua Hospital at 8 a.m. yesterday.

“No more stomach pain, that's why he decided to leave. He was okay already,” Margot told SunStar Cebu in a phone interview.

The mayor suffered stomach pain after he ate leftover food that he brought from his recent trip abroad.

In a Facebook post, Osmeña also clarified that he only suffered indigestion, and there was nothing very serious about his hospital confinement.

Margot earlier dispelled speculations that her husband is dying. She said that they just went to Chong Hua Hospital because the mayor wanted to see a specialist in gastroenteritis.

“It's indigestion from bad leftovers. I'm not dying, despite the wishes of a certain group. They can tell (Vice Mayor Edgardo) Labella to not get his hopes up,” the mayor wrote.

However, Margot said her husband may have to visit Chong Hua still since his doctors have to give his antibiotics using intravenous.

As of yesterday, Osmeña was already back in performing his tasks and commitments for the city.

Osmeña even had a shoot for an interview for the Charter Day celebration of the City next week at his residence immediately after his release from the hospital.

The mayor was also back at City Hall yesterday afternoon and administered a civil wedding.

In October 2008, Osmeña was diagnosed with stage IV malignant tumor in his urinary bladder.

In April 2009, he flew to the US where his urinary bladder, his prostate and 40 lymph nodes were removed.

During Osmeña's latest visit to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, his doctors confirmed that the mayor remains cancer-free.