Monday , May 28, 2018

Fatty Liver: A common disease

FILIPINOS are known to be excessive eaters. Filipinos are always associated with eating since every Filipino Family has the tradition to always serve and its common to Philippine culture to have gatherings and fiestas.

They are not picky when it comes to the food they eat. Food is their avenue and outlet to express what they feel. They eat when they’re sad or happy or depressed. They eat to celebrate but most common illness they could get is fatty liver.

Joel Polintan, at the age of 48, was diagnosed to have a fatty liver. He didn’t know about it until such time that he observed he was having a hard time moving and he’s catching his breath most of the time even if he only takes few movements.

Joel said, “I really love eating sisig, street foods, bulalo, and my all-time favorite, the fatty part of pork.”

He admitted that even at his early age, he really finds joy in eating. He enjoys eating fat meats and doesn’t care about what will be the outcome in the long run.

He found out he has fatty liver only when he underwent a monthly check-up wherein all organs were required to be examined.

Gina Ampe, 50, was also diagnosed with fatty liver and weighs 80 kilograms. She admitted that she is obese for her age. Gina said, “Every time I go to work, even small little steps I am having a hard time moving due to my obesity.”

Both have fatty livers because of their lifestyles.

There are two types of fatty liver, the alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Fatty liver does not only apply to adults, a child can have it.

Dr. Eternity Labio, M.D said, “The causes of having a fat in the liver is due to inactive lifestyle, being fond of eating, and hereditary, you get the bad genes of the family.”

According to her, Fatty Liver disease is bad because normally it has no symptoms so you do not know what is the condition of your liver only until its already damage and you undergo ultrasound or blood test(sgpt).

The good thing about fatty liver disease is that it can be corrected. The number one cure is taking everything in moderation, whether it be food or alcohol, and regular exercise. Your weight, your cholesterol level have to be corrected.

Fatty liver can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle and practice. The key and fundamental element in living healthy and avoiding any kinds of disease is to exercise daily, maintain a balanced diet, and always take everything in moderation.