Friday , May 25, 2018

The real challenge after graduation

CONGRATULATIONS to all students who will finish their studies this March 2017!! I am sure that majority of you are already excited to fit your togas and rehearse for the coming graduation day, as I also experienced that kind of feeling way back 2012.

I recall the feeling that excite me the most was the first morning after graduation. Yes!! No more assignments, thesis, reporting, waking up early and math exams with the strict professor, I just eat, relax and sleep the whole day. I felt the freedom for a short period of time when I realized that my parents and relatives expect more after my graduation, the expectation to use the years that I spent at school and be able to land a job!

At first it’s very hard to land a job and please the company interviewer and answer the correct expectation they are looking. I suggest to always be humble and respectful at all times and set a goal that you need to get the job. Rehearse before the interview, browse the internet of possible questions and ask yourself. Sometimes, it’s a part of the job interviewer to squeeze you for some challenging and upsetting questions, to test your ability if you can deliver. Stay calm and digest in your mind the questions and answer it with the most positive way. Remember, job is a different test than the role playing and oral test at our school. This is now the “real world”, take it with effort and sincerity.

The actual job is the most challenging and the main course of the employment. The first six months is actually the “pakitang gilas moment”.

This will be the time that you as an employee will be evaluated for your output. The company will have to assess if you’re the right person to handle the challenge. You need to show your talent, skills, unexpected ideas and the most important the good attitude toward the assigned task.

Remember, every eye in an organization is a critique; you always listen, research and always be alert for unexpected needs as this will have a big impact on the evaluation. It’s always for your own good and benefit. So be consistent.

In the corporate world, every hard work has a reward. To receive your first salary is a big accomplishment that all your efforts have been paid off. The best output of having job is that you can provide and buy the things you’ve dreamed of when you were still studying. You can eat the food you want and food becomes your ultimate stress reliever.

There are more lots of opportunities and challenges waiting after Graduation. It’s actually just the start of the new chapter of our lives with endless learnings and skills to develop. There are times that we are actually not given the job we want most, but we can to learn to love it.

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