Friday , April 27, 2018

Eco-agri tourism best for Davao

THE environmental group Interface Development Interventions (Idis) is eyeing for the development of the ecological agriculture tourism in Davao City in a bid to promote eco-friendly initiatives while enjoying economic development.

Lunhaw Awards Co-organizer and Idis Acting Executive Director Chinkie Pelino-Golle said during the weekly press forum at SM City Davao on Monday, March 20, that they are currently gathering the former Lunhaw Awardees and will soon meet to discuss on creating an eco-agri tour package for tourists who are looking for a unique experience.

This is in cooperation with the City Tourism Office (CTO) and in line with the tourism plan of Davao City to contribute to the booming tourism industry and help the Lunhaw awardees promote their best green practices, products and services.

“We will gather and consult them on what they want to be the content of eco-agri tourism plan. We will also invite CTO to help in the crafting of our eco-agri tourism plan,” Golle said.

They are eyeing to launch the first eco-agri tour package by June in time of the celebration of environment month.

Golle said they aim to promote the various Lunhaw initiatives of the city and justify the claim as a sustainable city by offering green activities and featuring actual initiatives.

It is also seen to help the owners of organic farms to boost their income as more tourists are expected to visit them and buy their products.

Since 2012, Lunhaw Awards has recognized 45 winners in various categories such as organic agriculture, education and advocacy, pollution control, forest-based initiatives, green building and among others.