Wednesday , April 25, 2018

Man sued for homicide try

A MAN was sued for attempting to kill his friend in a village in Davao City last March 5.

Charged with attempted homicide is Arnestes Morales, following the complaint filed by his neighbor Simar Asari.

Asari, in his affidavit, said he was standing at an alley near their house when Morales, who was intoxicated, passed by him around 2:30 p.m.

Asari said the accused hit him with his right elbow, thus he confronted Morales.

Morales merely stalked out, returned with a kitchen knife, and attempted to stab him three times, but failed.

As Morales still tried to attack, Asari stopped him by hitting his hand with a chair, forcing the suspect to drop the knife.

The suspect's two daughters arrived and held their father back.

In a two-page resolution approved on March 10, prosecutor Joy Bernales-Largo said Morales is accused of attempted homicide and not frustrated murder.