Monday , May 28, 2018

80,000 get water aid

A NON-GOVERNMENT organization based in the Netherlands is helping poor citizens in Cebu secure clean and affordable water.

Netherlands-based Vitens Evidens International is making strides in Cebu by putting up a five-year project that can help poor communities have access to clean and affordable water supply.

Through the help of the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD), the Cebu City government, French-based NGO Eau et Vie and the Red Cross, the project aims to provide affordable and potable water to 80,000 poor residents in Cebu.

But aside from that, VEI and its partners are also aiming to improve the situations of urban poor settlers by teaching them sustainability and good hygiene.

Patrick Egan, VEI resident project manager, said the project came to fruition through the Dutch government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs who gave them P208 million to jumpstart it.

Speaking before the University of Philippine (UP) Cebu’s symposium on Disaster Risk Reduction, Innovation and Sustainability yesterday, Egan said that aside from providing potable water sources, they also help them by improving sanitation facilities in poor communities.

They also assist the MCWD by improving their operation practices ad water reliability.