Saturday , June 23, 2018

Y-Speak: The abyss underneath

“EVERY light casts a shadow.” That saying has been around the world since time immemorial and has proven itself to be a good metaphor for things that are dual in nature, like humanity, love, dreams, and etcetera.

The Internet is something that we’ve all known to be both good and evil, however, we are just scratching the surface of its entirety.

The “Surface Web”, also known as the Public Web, is part of the Internet that we all know, use, and love. It consists of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other commonly visited websites. And then there’s the “Deep Web”, also known as the Underground Web, which is the shadow cast by the light of the surface web.

It consists of black markets, whistleblowers, political blogs, child pornography, pirated goods, and other illegal things.

The line that separates the Surface and the Deep Web are the browsers used. For the surface web, browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and others of the same category are sufficient, however, the Deep Web would require browsers like TOR, I2P, Whonix, Subgraph OS, and browsers of the same sort in order for users to access it with anonymity since Deep Web browsers provide security by “Onion Routing”, which is a process of encrypting data and using multiple layers of proxies to give the user anonymity from any tracker.

And since the Deep Web is safe from the light of day and the eyes of society, it became home to sites like The People’s Drug Store, which is a site that sells illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, speed, and prescription drugs. It became the number one darknet market after the death of Silk Road, the first and most popular darknet market in the Deep Web, and the arrest of its creator, Ross William Ulbricht.

Aside from darknet markets and illegal drug trade, the Deep Web is also home to counterfeit document making services, which are also quite popular, especially among illegal immigrants and con artists. Sites such as USA Citizenship, USfakeIDs, Counterfeit Center, UK Passport, and the like are the ones that offer these services.

Hitmen and Hacking services are also popular within the Deep Web.

However, the quality of the said services depends on the agency. Popular hitmen agencies like C’thulhu Resume and the Chechen Mob are said to be legitimate and high quality in their service. As for hacking agencies, Torminator, and Rent-A-Hacker are said to be the most efficient.

The Deep Web is also notorious for sheltering Human Trafficking Agencies and Child Pornography sites. The Blue Moon Group is quite known in the Deep Web as international human traffickers in 18 different countries and as a hitmen service agency while PedoBox is a popular site that uploads, shows, and gives child porn without charging a single cent.

Most, if not all, transactions in the Deep Web use Bitcoin as currency and payment system. It was created by an unidentified programmer under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, and was introduced on October 31, 2008 and then released as an open-source software in 2009.

If Bitcoin were to be considered as one of the official currencies in the world then it would be the most expensive; One Bitcoin is equal to US$1,246.63 or about P62,679. Bitcoin exchange rates, however, are unstable and constantly changing from time to time, whether its days, hours, or even minutes.

Once one sees the truth, he or she cannot unsee it. Just as a man is born into this world and cannot be unborn. With this cesspool sitting right beneath us living, breeding, expanding, we cannot do anything about it. However, we can raise awareness that evil lies beneath a lot of the things we love in life. (Carlin Don Elorde)