Wednesday , April 25, 2018

330 people caught jaywalking in Bacolod City

A TOTAL of 330 persons, including a foreigner, were caught violating the anti-jaywalking ordinance on its first day of implementation in Bacolod City Monday, April 3.

Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (BTAO) Head Luisito Acebuche said of the number, 14 of them were sanctioned to do community service at the BTAO for four hours after they failed to pay a fine of P100 for first offense, said Superintendent Luisito Acebuche, head of BTAO.

The City Government has started implementing City Ordinance 338, or the Comprehensive Traffic Ordinance, which include the regulation of public utility jeepney routes, parking areas, and elimination of jaywalking.

Violators will pay a fine of P100, P200, and P300 for first, second and third offenses, respectively.

This is lesser compare to the first day of implementation in 2012 with 700 apprehensions, Acebuche said, adding that “information dissemination through public notices and advisory about the ordinance is effective this time.”

Acebuche said children who violated the ordinance were turned over to the Social Development Center so they can be fetched by their parents and guardians, who will pay the fine.

Most of the violators were not residents of Bacolod City. They have no idea about the city’s strict enforcement of the ordinance, Acebuche said.

Most of them were caught in Gonzaga-Gatuslao Street and Araneta-Luzuriaga Street, he added.

Moreover, Acebuche said they apprehended 983 persons, including four traffic enforcers and three police trainees, who failed to use helmets while driving their motorcycles in the first five days of its implementation since March 27. They collected a total of P157,000 fine.

As of March 31, 151 motorcycles were impounded by BTAO.