Monday , May 21, 2018

Campus Buzz: Flawed

NO MATTER how evil a person is, there is and will always be good within him.

We are all limited beings, we commit mistakes. At some point in our lives we hurt, lied, and even cheated. This world is perfectly imperfect and so are we.

I remembered every single moment of that day, the very day mom left. I came home to loud voices as if a shattering of glass. When I was about to approach the door, it flew open and revealed my mom with pensive expression on her face while tears stem down her cheeks.

“I can’t do this anymore, Darling. I’m sorry. Be a good girl,” she sobbed as she walked away from the house we once called home.

I couldn’t believe my mother left me, she left us. Yes, my father has been struggling with his addiction to alcohol, but I don’t think that’s enough reason for her to abandon her family since she never tried to fix dad, not even to mend the situation.

“Put that bottle away, dad,” I insisted as I watched him attempt to open a bottle of rum.

“Just one,” he responded as he continued to open the bottle. I stood up and took it away from him.

“No,” I grunted.

I was trying to fix dad, doing my best to do the things my mom failed to do.

I was drowning myself in tears when somebody knocked on my door. It was my father.

“Darling, may I come in?” he asked.

I opened the door and he sat beside me.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not being able to treat you like the princess that you really are. I’m sorry for messing up all the time. I’m sorry for being your father…” dad cried.

I couldn’t help myself but hugged my father so tightly.

“Daddy, don’t say those things. I know you can change. I believe in you. I always have and always will,” I whispered.

Change is not one-sided. It does not only apply to one person. Change must come from both. The other person must change the way he or she thinks about one. He or she needs to give him a second chance. He or she needs to accept how people really are, imperfect and limited beings.

Every single person has the ability to change themselves. But if we wait too long, rather than getting things done, change may arrive when it’s already too late. Change does not happen on its own. We make change happen. (Alizzandra Cassy D. Vegafria/Corpus Christi School)