Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Kapampangans hit immigration employee for FB posts

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Kapampangans on Facebook are up in arms against one John Felix Santos for his allegedly “arrogant and prejudicial” posts on social networking site Facebook against Kapampangans and their Holy Week religious images.

Santos is reportedly an immigration officer at the Bureau of Immigration and affiliated with the Manila Cathedral.

He was featured in an ABS-CBN article as a "Man of Saints" published on April 11, 2017, for his passion of collecting Catholic sacred images since childhood and up to this day.

The Aguman ning Camaderong Kapampangan, a group of religious image owners and caretakers, were quick to vent their rage against Santos for allegedly cursing religious images on “Anyare!”, a page notorious for ridiculing religious icons and images.

Santos was reported to have used invectives and repeatedly belittled Kapampangans who commented in the said page.

Facebook user Apung Maria Ning Macabebe shared a post of the exchange in Facebook.

Another Facebook user Bryan B Arce criticized Santos for his cursing.

The group in a statement said that they are "outraged, appalled, and anguished by the arrogant and unethical behavior" of Santos.

"John Felix Santos, through his posts at Anyare!, a page notorious for ridiculing religious images, have slighted and injured Kapampangan sensibilities when he had uttered invectives against Kapampangans on the said page, ridiculed and cursed religious images that are part of Kapampangan religious heritage, and have belittled Kapampangan identity by posting words that are prejudicial and immature," the group added.

The group is also asking that Santos should take responsibility for his actions.

The group is also asking the Bureau of Immigration and the Manila Cathedral administration to take action on the said issue.

"We condemn in the harshest terms his erratic behaviour as injurious to the credibility and image of the Bureau of Immigration and the Manila Cathedral. We ask these institutions to take action and support the move to make John Felix Santos accountable for his actions," the group said.

Meanwhile, asked for comment, Santos said that he apologizes for the “misunderstanding.”

"It shall come to pass. I apologize for the misunderstanding. It was never my intention to cuss at the Kapampangans. I will never do that, I have a handful of Kapampangan friends too," Santos told SunStar Pampanga.

The issue had turned into a racial matter that Kapampangans on Facebook posted photos, statements supporting Kapampangan pride and denouncing Santos as a persona-non-grata.