Saturday , May 26, 2018

Cagayan de Oro vice mayor defends mayor

CAGAYAN De Oro City Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin Uy on Wednesday, April 19, denied he received instruction from the mayor regarding the reappointment of the job order (JO) workers belonging to the City Council’s minority members.

Mayor Oscar Moreno, Uy said, has nothing to do with the appointment of job orders (JOs) in the council level, contrary to Councilor Leon Gan's previous statements.

In what deemed to be an open support to fellow minority, Councilor Lordan Suan Gan, who figured in a feud with Uy over JO matters, said earlier that they were also told by Uy that the power comes from Moreno to deny the JO requests of the opposition Councilors.

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Uy, however, regressed, saying he has the power himself as the vice mayor to decline the proposal of Suan, Gan and the rest of the august body members.

“Nganung muabot man ta kang mayor nga atoa man ng discretion, daani man na sa sangunian, dili man na executive affair, dinhi man na sa legislative (Why does this needs to get to the mayor when it is my discretion, this is also not an executive affair, but in the legislative level),” Uy said.

Uy also said the request letter from Councilor Suan that was sent to his office then appeared for him as “blackmail” since aside from the letter request, also attached is the complaint affidavit signed by Suan's staff Eric Alcantara, against Uy.

“Ang pinakauna nahitabo, nagsubmit sila gidungan nila ang recommendation letter sa JO employees pero at the same time, naka-attach pud didto ang complaint letter. Mura siya ug ni-appear as blackmail, unsa may imong bation, unsay ilang pagtuo tanan isubmit nila sa opisina good as approved na (What happened first, they submitted the recommendation to add Councilor Suan's JO employees but at the same time, they also attached a complaint letter. It appeared to me as blackmail, what would I feel, they think that whatever they submit in my office is good as approved?)” he said.

“Kung ingana man gani, atubangon ko nalang ni unsay ilang ibato sa ako (If this is the case, I will face whatever it is that they throw against me),”he added.

Uy also accepted Suan's challenge to release the list of his job order employees, reiterating his position that he did not hire any of his relatives.

“We want to send the message that nepotism is prohibited. And we do not tolerate this act. Had we approved his request, then I might be guilty too for allowing it to happen,” he said.

The conflict began in the regular session on Monday, April 17, when Uy lambasted Suan for allegedly practicing “nepotism” or having the penchant of turning his own job order staff into a family affair.

Uy had openly vented his displeasure towards Suan for proposing to appoint his sister and brother, among others, as his staffs.