Thursday , April 26, 2018

Philhealth conducts 'Ronda Opisina' in Samar

CATBALOGAN CITY, Samar -- Philhealth-Samar conducts "Ronda Opisina" to check on employers if they are giving health insurances to their employees.

In today's PIA Huruhimangraw, Cleofe Andoy, social insurance assistant, announced that they will visit both private and government establishments to map out members and non members of Philhealth.

She said they are aggressively pushing each and every Filipino, health insurance care.

"Ronda Opisina" is also a nationwide campaign of the government to make sure that employers fulfill their obligation.

Aside from the new scheme, Laarni del Rosario, Philhealth Account Management Officer, also mentioned that they are now completing the list of all Samarnons who are not covered by Philhealth especially indigent ones so they can find sponsors for them.

In Philhealth's effort to also help Samarnons bear hospitalization concerns, they have a program called Point of Care.

In its Circular 32, s-2013 which took effect November 29, 2013, Philhealth formalized its “point-of-care enrolment program” which targets non-members belonging to Class C-3 or D confined in government hospitals.

The program also benefits existing members not currently eligible to financial protection due to lack of qualifying contributions and also classified as Class C3 or D.

Qualified patients and their qualified dependents shall be provided with Philhealth coverage under the Sponsored Program. Their premium contributions shall be borne by the government facility, provided that they are certified poor by the medical social worker at the time of admission.

Another program mentioned is Women About to Give Birth.

Pregnant women who are not yet covered by Philhealth are advised to submit the duly accomplished Philhealth Member Registration Form and any proof confirming pregnancy such as medical certificate from physician/midwife, laboratory/ultrasound results or photocopy of their admission book.

They also need to pay the corresponding annual premium contribution of P2,400 to any Philhealth Local Health Insurance Office to avail themselves of the benefits.

Those who are already enrolled to Philhealth should update their premium contributions.

For those who are earning less and want to enroll in the health insurance, they may choose to pay monthly or if they can afford quarterly. This scheme is also meant to help low income earners enjoy the benefits of healthcare. (PIA)