Thursday , April 26, 2018

Alternative sources of water assured in Lyceum building

THE Lyceum of the Philippines assured the 18th City Council Thursday that they have eyed alternative sources of water for the building that will soon rise in Sasa, Davao City.

Architect Jim Abalayon, the designer of the Lyceum of the Philippines, Thursday, April 20, said that they have already secured application to the Davao City Water District (DCWD).

"We had a meeting with DCWD for the water supply requirement and we also proposed that we will be supplementing water by building a deep well," Abalayon said.

Abalayon, during the session, said that Lyceum aims to utilize 17 hectares for the building of the school but they will only develop up to five hectares for their target opening date in June 2018.

He also assured the council that they are considering the green building code and that they intend to install solar panels on rooftops of the buildings, adding that they will have green spaces in their school.

Abalayon said that if they can get permit this month or early this week, they can start as early as first week of May for the construction.

The council did not approve yet the joint resolution of the City Development Council (CDC) and Local Zoning Board on Adjustments and Appeals (LZBAA) favorably endorsing the application of Dr. Peter Laurel for "allowable use" of land for the development of the university.

On Thursday, the councilors discussed whether the council has the power to include educational institutions in the list of the land that can be allowed to be used without reclassification.

The councilors revisited the provisions of the zoning ordinance and agreed to defer the item for the next session as 22 councilors are needed to pass the item.

On Thursday, only 18 members of the Council were in attendance. (KVC)