Saturday , May 26, 2018

Pestaño: Chess should be taught in schools

NOW that this school year is over, schools should follow Marie Ernestine and have chess taught in schools. In a meeting at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) in London recently, former ATL president Hank Roberts said chess is “a very, very cheap and easy way to give lots of kids an improvement to their thinking and would do “wonders for self-confidence” among kids.

In 2005, chess was introduced to Turkish primary schools. Even more children are learning chess in the USA, Russia,China and India.

Chess was made a mandatory subject in the primary schools of Armenia in 2011 and the country noted a significant development of children’s logic, creative thinking, intellect and other qualities.

Chess is now optional or compulsory in more than 40 countries, from Algeria to Vietnam.

In a previous article back in 2009, I wrote that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo approved the inclusion of chess in schools curriculum in the primary and secondary schools across the country . NCFP President Prospero Pichay and DepEd Secretary Jesli A. Lapus signed the Memorandum of Agreement.

However,for unknown reasons, this was never implemented and was ignored by the next administration. I am now calling the attention of President Duterte.

I did some research among Cebuano children and students who play chess regularly and have come up with the following facts.

Hobbey Jess Tapayan has been a consistent honor student from Grade 1 to Grade 9 and was a Valedictorian in Grade 6. BJ Harvey Demisa has also been a consistent honor student in grade school. Pia Richelle Cogay has an average of 93 in Grade 8.

Diego Claro finished Marine Engineering at UC with honors, erish Velarde also received an outstanding award in mathematics from Marie Ernestine School.

Also excelling in their studies are KC Morala, my favorite player, Jeremy Bajo and Alphecca Gonzales, who is also a SAC-SMB awardee this year.

Andry Tumacole , Grade 7, and Francheska Kazandra Benesian, Grade 8, are students at the Philippine Science High School Central Visayas under trainor and math teacher Julius Albina.

Glesit Tatoy graduated valedictorian in Grade 6 at San Fernando Central School but studies in La Salle now and Marian Calimbo is also a valedictorian at the Montaneza Elementary School in Malabuyoc.

Chess varsity players Jazelle Villarin graduated cum laude this year at USJ-R. Other graduates are Francis Salingay, magna cum laude in Civil Engineering in USJ-R and Clive Martin Chan, summa cum laude at USC in math.

John Francis Balbona, Felix Shaun Balbona, Queenie Cablao are potential cum laude graduates.