Tuesday , April 24, 2018

Aikido summer class in Iligan City

ILIGAN CITY -- Young men and women and even children join the summer class of Nippon Kan-Aikido Humanitarian Active Network (Ahan) here.

Ava Yancha – Sensei (teacher) the only recognized and authorized Nippon Kan Aikido training coordinator of the Philippines said that Aikido Nippon Kan-Ahan was founded by Gaku Homma Sensei in 1978 based in Denver, Colorado, United States of America with his wife the late Emily Busch Sensei.

“It is called Humanitarian Action Network because in every student being enrolled at Dojo (trainnig center) they feed the world while they learn off and on the mat,” said Yancha.

“The funds raised from the training center will be used for a meals feeding program to help the poor but deserving children in 85 countries in the world like Philippines," added Yancha.

In Iligan City, Nippon Kan-Ahan Mindanao Philippines Dojo was designed and built by the hands of Aikido students.

"I've met Homma Sensei when he visited Iligan City in 2007 and at that time when I taught Wadu Kai martial arts and Jet Combat and I only learned proper Aikido only from Homma Sensei who has a big heart for me,” said Yancha.

"A month later after Homma Sensie's visit, Yancha was sent to Denver, Colorado in US for rigid training to broaden my knowledge in Aikido,” Yancha said.

Yancha is a certified trainer and the only student of UCHIDESHI of the Philippines, a successful trainee living in the dojo practice 24/7 in the U.S.

"Ahan-Nippon Kan is the largest dojo in the whole world. The most important thing in Aikido is changing the attitude, discipline and respect, Inside the Aikido we treated everyone equal no matter what is your profession, religion and affiliation because Nippon Kan-Ahan is non-partisan and non-political,” said Yancha.

"Homma Sensei helped us raised the Dojo at Empire village in Pala-o this city,” added Yancha.

Crucial year of Nippon Kan-Ahan, Iligan City

“My crucial years in dojo were in 2014 to 2015 when my most trusted student, Michael Caumban who was sent to Denver, Colorado for free but when he completed and returned to Iligan City, his attitude became worst and he became so indifferent that he was supposed to help the Dojo. Mi taas na iyang sungay ug dili na siya humble ug traydor,” said Yancha.

"We decided to kick him out and informed the headquarters in US and Caumban was blacklisted by Nippon Kan–Ahan," Yancha added.


“The happiest moment that we had when we served the Bajao community and built a Bajao training center in Tambakan village here where Gaku Homma spent time funds and efforts to teach and feed the Bajaos in Iligan City,” said Yancha.

Yancha encouraged the working journalists to learn Aikido way, a cross-cultural exchange program. The certificate of completion from the trainings came from the Nippon Kan-Ahan in US.