Sunday , June 24, 2018

Salcedo on a Saturday

CONSIDER yourself lucky if you live, or at least staying for the weekend, in Salcedo Village. Where you’re at, Saturdays are moments of “mountain coming to Mohammad”, the time when the lady of the house (or the ever-reliable help) says, “Mamamalengke na.” But of course, the scene is different, the palengke is at the center of a posh neighborhood and it’s called the “Salcedo Community Market.”

Saturday is when the weekend market pops up in the village. It’s been this way for years, making this Makati address a popular destination at the end of the week. It’s here where one can score anything organic, fresh farm produce, ready to cook courses, hot home-cooked meals, specialty sweet treats, unique drinks, offerings on the opposite ends of the diet -- from healthy to artery-clogging, perhaps. Just about everything on the specialty shopping list will end up on this spot, saving you the time, effort and gas traversing the heavy traffic-ridden roads of the metropolis to procure that giant, organic red tomato, the best ensaymada in the universe or that Frenchman’s to-die-for casserole.

Home accessories have found its way in the booths of the market -- a few knick-knacks, handicrafts, artworks by local artists, and indoor ornamental greens and colorful blooms, natural stuff that can make condominium living pleasant.

To the locals, this has become a tradition. It may be a market but this is no traditional marketplace. For one, the selling doesn’t really start before sunrise. The gate opens at 7 a.m. to welcome the shoppers, early for the hardworking population who intend to make most of the weekend by resting. It’s the scent of the aromatic grilled fare that fills the village air signaling everyone to “come and get it.” The lure almost always works all the time, awaking more than just the eyes but eh appetite as well.

Breakfast can either be taken home or enjoyed within the makeshift dining hall. Same with lunch, the vendors will gladly serve it or pack it.

It’s not a whole day affair though. A little after the lunch hour, around two, the market closes and minutes after, the park is back to its “play” form. No evidence that the market was even there.

This is just one of the perks of living in Salcedo Village. Yes, traffic can be horrendous on peak hours during working days. But when these times pass, the area transforms into the quiet residential area.

“I will never go hungry again” could be a village resident’s happy remark. The other nice feature about Salcedo is the dining scene. It has certainly grown through the years. Back then there was a sprinkling of food joints in the area. Today, the restaurant population has gone up. There is no need to stray far from the village to sate a craving for a particular cuisine or specialty.

With these in mind, you can say, “It’s a good thing to be in Salcedo Village at any day of the week.” Very good indeed most especially if you’re staying in a stylish place like the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, it can be your home in this village.

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