Sunday , May 27, 2018

Oro mayor denies re-hiring job order employees

CAGAYAN de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno said he did not instruct Vice Mayor Joaquin Uy to bar the re-hiring of all job order (JO) employees of minority councilors.

"Galamlam lang na si Gan (Gan is just making up stories),” Moreno said.

Councilor Leon Gan Jr. earlier said that he, along with other minority members, was told by Uy that the mayor gave specific instructions regarding the status of the JOs.

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"If this is true then Mayor Moreno is not creating unity among the members of the City Council, he is causing trouble and administrative sanctions," Gan said.

Moreno also weighed in on the issue hounding the legislative department, particularly Councilor Lordan Suan's recommended list of job order employees consisting of family members including his mother and father.

The mayor chided Suan for saying he was not guilty of nepotism after his list of JOs were rejected.

Moreno said Suan should be taken to task for pushing for the employment of his family members.

"Ingon siya how could he be guilty of nepotism when he only recommended, diyos ko naman. Dili lang ikaw ang hiring authority pero ikaw (ang) nag-nominate (He said he is not guilty of nepotism. My god! He may not be the hiring authority but he nominated them)," Moreno said.

"Highly confidential man gud usually na, pero mao lage na, iyang papa iyang i-hire? Unsa may trabaho sa iyang papa (That is usually highly confidential, but why hire your own father?)" he added.

He called Suan's defense "flimsy."

"It's a flimsy defense, I thought he's a lawyer," Moreno said.

Uy earlier said Suan may be guilty of nepotism after proposing to employ family members.

Suan had recommended the hiring of Eriberto Gualberto Jr., Annaliza Mae Diaz, Clarissa Mae Suan, Agapito Suan Jr., Henry Rago, Josephine Padios, Agaito Eriberto Suan, and Ramon Gualberto during Monday's regular session.

Suan, in his defense, said he did not commit nepotism because the letter request has not been approved.