Tuesday , April 24, 2018

Summer learning at Misamis Oriental library

THE provincial library of Misamis Oriental has opened its doors for a summer learning workshop that started on April 26. In its summer program, the library aims to spark the interest of more children to read and learn.

Richel Pajara, the provincial librarian said that their goal for the summer class is to help young children, most especially those who have not yet started going to school, to develop their basic skills in communication. Some of these include reading, writing, coloring, and socializing with other people.

"The reason is that these children are still not exposed to school or this is still their first time to mingle with people, so we can help them with the basic lessons," Pajara said.

Every Wednesday and Friday from April 26 to May 31, children will be gathered at the library and will be given activities such as reading routines or coloring drills by the library staff. The program will be a two-hour class which will start at about two in the afternoon.

During the month-long summer class, Pajara said that she will also hold a drawing contest for children wherein the most favorable ones will be displayed at the provincial capitol kiosk.

Pajara said that before the first day of their class, parents can register their children at the Provincial Library. Aside from the lectures and the learning materials, the library staff will be providing snacks in between classes.

The library has been facilitating free summer classes to children since 1989. Over the years, they were able to make more improvements to their classes such as the use of newer books from the Philippine National Library (PNL) and high-technology learning tools from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Pajara boasts of the help that their yearly summer classes give to the children's parents. She said that after their classes, their students who are about three to five years old give good performances in school. Most of them, she said, did not have to go through nursery or kinder one level.

"With this, I can say that our program is really effective and helpful not only to the children but also to their parents. As we have already taught them the basics of reading or writing, their parents do not have to spend for nursery and kinder II," Pajara said.

In their last day, Pajara said that the children will also have a graduation ceremony where the top students will be given medals and recognition. This will be held at the provincial capitol kiosk with the parents and staff.

The summer class will be given free but Pajara said that their program could only accommodate about thirty five children due to lack of resources and facilitators. However, Pajara hopes that the more and more children and people here in the province will be encouraged to read and to love learning.

The library staff said that within the year, the library will have more improvements and will receive more donated books.