Monday , May 28, 2018

International halal body offers aid to Philippines

THE International Halal Accreditation Forum (Ihaf) offers to provide assistance to the Philippine Government in terms of Halal certification and conformity.

During the Philippine Halal Trade and Tourism business forum held at Seda Abreeza Hotel on Thursday, Ihaf secretary-general Mohammed Badri said their office is involved with 24 leading countries, providing a good network with other countries.

"We can provide consultancy in the form of developing the infrastructure for the conformity of the Halal. It means if they don't have proper certification scheme, we can help them. If they don't have proper testing facilities, we can help them. If they don't have schemes that are run by the accreditation buddies, we can help them," Badri said.

He said that if a member country experiences challenges for Halal accreditation or implementation, Badri said they can help by connecting with other member countries which have developed the same schemes.

"There is no need for them to spend a lot of money for that. They can get very good references from us. And also, we can tell them what is right, what is wrong because usually, if you don’t do that, it will be very costly. So they can benefit from this," he said.

Badri assured that the Halal products traded within the Ihaf sphere or network "have been thoroughly examined and certified based on mutually accepted standards, thus streamlining procedures and minimizing evaluation costs".

He also said that for a country to be included as Ihaf members, they are also entitled for country-to-country bilateral ties and opportunities including multilateral trade agreements for Halal products.

Since Ihaf strictly conforms to Halal processes, Badri said with their accreditation, there is a minimal product failure or recalls.

Also, the tests were conducted by reliable and accredited laboratories which would prevent risks of outbreaks such as food poisoning and contamination.