Tuesday , May 22, 2018

Trinidad: When yin meets yang: true love and destiny

LISTENING to Aa and Chiara discuss a Bazi chart is very, very interesting. I am mostly quiet, not having attended their Four Pillars of Destiny course with International Feng Shui Grandmaster Raymond Lo.
When Aa and Chiara prepare destiny readings of married couples or would-be partners and compare these side by side, my ears perk up whenever I hear the words 'true love'.

Yes, there is such a thing as true love in a destiny chart.

Simply put, it's like the yin finding the yang, the match that would complement the other.

The destiny chart can also tell whether or not the husband or the wife will be unfaithful, or be tempted by 'competition'. It can also pinpoint the time when this can take place, and if it will come from someone older or younger, or if this third person can wreck the relationship.

Knowing when this tendency to stray is likely to happen is very important for married couples. During this period, they should devote more effort in keeping the relationship strong, like avoiding temptation and being more responsive to the partner's needs. This period would also be a good time to renew marriage vows.

Every so often, I hear the term 'flower of romance' from Aa and Chiara. Single men and ladies should take note of this time to be their most charming selves. It is the time they can meet their partners, also a good time to get married.

I have seen that a Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny reading can also smoothen a troubled relationship. A couple who frequently quarreled comes to mind, where the wife wanted to leave. The husband was quite dominant; the wife felt taken for granted. A look at their charts showed their elements were not in harmony, but by telling the wife to surround herself with the element he needed when they were together, they are now getting along better.

Bazi in combination with Feng Shui works very well too. I have had positive feedback from clients about how activating the Romance direction in their homes resulted to a more active love life. In one instance, the cure had just been put in place when 1 of the female residents in that home received a marriage proposal. In another instance, Aa suggested a small window to be installed at a solid wall so that the romance could come in. And it did.

Always, after a reading, our clients would tell us how amazed they are at the accuracy of their chart. Some are in tears, understanding that breakups were not their fault, but part of their destiny. They wish they could have met us earlier, or had their readings earlier, so they could have had avoided these potholes along their road.

Ahh, true love. It does exist. What awes me and trepidates Chiara the most, is that it is destined.
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