Friday , May 25, 2018

Sara Duterte backs dad in not accepting EU grants

DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said that Davao City is ready to follow the mandate of the President Rodrigo Duterte not to accept aid from European Union (EU).

Duterte-Carpio said on Friday that the executive department, led by the President, has the prime hand on this matter.

"It really depends on the executive department on how they want to form their independent foreign policy. Here in the city of Davao as long as we do our duties as a local government we will just leave the national policies to the national government," she said.

President Duterte earlier this week expressed that the Philippines will no longer accept grants from EU.

Duterte-Carpio said she is not aware of EU projects so far.

"I am not aware, I have to check with the City Social Services and Development Office kung naay social projects nga naa diri sa Davao nga funded by the European Union (if they have projects here)," she said.

She added that in case such projects really exist within in the city, the local government will wait for the decision of the granting agencies on what they want to do with the project.

"Locally, nagsulti naman ang atong President nga ingon ana ang iyang decision (the President relayed that it is his decision) so we will just follow through the line and anyway tan-awon nato kung naa project nga maapektuhan, tan-awon nato ang intervention sa government ( we will see if there are projects that will be affected and we will see what intervention that the government can do)," she added.