Thursday , May 24, 2018

A stronger generation

WITH this year's scorching summer season officially enlisted as a thing of the past, it's but necessary for many of us to shed off the pounds gained from endless summer parties with ice cold beers as main attraction and yes, the ever tempting lechon by the beach, to slowly if not dramatically decrease.

That is why, the search is on where to turn fats to lean, strong muscles. After all, we are starting to breed a generation of more health and fitness conscious individuals. For many who are taking fitness into a pro level and who are on track in engaging into a more complex but highly effective training, an all-in-one fitness hub in Bacolod City recently re-opened with a bigger fitness space.

Eclipse, a newly-constructed fitness gym was blessed last Monday, June 5, to accommodate local sports and fitness enthusiasts with their new facilities in La Salle Avenue.

"Eclipse Healing and Body Design Centre started to serve Negrenses in 2013 and later moved this year in the new facility to carter more people who wants to be physically fit and health" owner Peter Kim said.

Eclipse, he added, is the first gym in Bacolod to offer indoor cycling and spinning classes and varied functional exercises similar to crossfit through “F360” that could accommodate 30 people per session. To ensure that the client’s training is effective and safe, the 22 fitness coaches of the gym undergone international certifications in Manila and Thailand, Kim added.

In total, Eclipse coaches composed of five spinning, five boxing, eight fitness and two muay thai instructors that were certified through rehab, boot camp and spinning trainings.

"We have worked long and hard to give you the best,” Kim said, adding “I am proud with the hard work of the Eclipse team coaches that help with the boost of the gym.”

Dedication is tantamount to life changing outcome. With the year reaching its second half term, let us remind ourselves with the promises we made last New Year.

Like me, you vouched to load off and make a shift. As they say, everyday is a chance to make things better and yes, as in this case, stronger.