Saturday , May 26, 2018

Oil is top import commodity of Davao Region

MEDIUM oils and preparations, including lamp kerosene, aviation turbine fuel, and lubricating oils, are the top import commodity of Davao Region for the first quarter of 2017 amounting $66.01 million according to the data provided by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Davao Region.

China is the top source for the commodity with an import value of $47.13 million, followed by South Korea ($12.44 million), Taiwan ($4.83 million), Singapore ($744,970), and Thailand ($730,441).

The second most imported commodity of the region are by light oils and preparations (motor spirit, premium leaded and unleaded, regular) at $34.17 million. These commodities are coming from South Korea ($17.28 million), Taiwan ($11.66 million), Malaysia ($5.16 million), and Singapore ($60,112).

Davao Region also imported about $15.85 million worth of unbleached Krafliner from United States ($7.92 million), New Zealand ($1.50 million), Finland ($1.47 million), Brazil ($1.40 million), and Australia ($990,700).

Other commodities imported by Davao Region for the first quarter include semi-chemical fluting paper ($15.30 million), other coals ($13.29 million) semi-milled or wholly milled rice ($12.19 million), animal and vegetable fats and oils ($10.89 million), urea (whether or not in aqueous solution) ($10.28 million), tiles ($10.18 million), and semi-finished products of iron or non-alloy steel ($9.61 million).

Most of the commodities were coming from China, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, United States, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, and Finland.