Saturday , May 26, 2018

Ducati stages motorcycle driving school in Davao City

A TOTAL of 18 motorcycle lovers graced the famous riding school Ducati Riding Experience (DER), which was brought here first in Mindanao by Ducati Philippines and Ducati Davao on Saturday, June 17, at the Victoria Plaza Mall parking lot.

Ducati Philippines, spearheaded by senior trainer Miguel Bichaya and trainers Daniel Sunga and Iris Trinidad made the Ducati dream became a reality by allowing the participants, who came from different places in Mindanao, to ride an 800cc Ducati Scrambler. They were also taught the proper positioning when riding a motorbike as a way to correct bad habits of motorists.

Among the participants, who experienced the unique and lifesaving course was Sports Development Division-City Mayor's Office Michael Denton Aportadera.

"The DRE is actually one of the opportunities that is being presented to Davao City and we get to experience the different variants of the famous motorcycle brand in the whole world and this is also part of the learning experiences of all motorcycle lovers who are into competitive racing and recreational riding," Aprotadera said, adding that the experience was all worth it with the new knowledge on motorcycle he acquired.

A son of an entrepreneur with zero motorcycling experience was also one of those who experienced riding a Ducati.

Ivan Bantayan, 18, who came all the way from Tagum City to join the prestigious event, said it was his first time to ride a motorcycle in his entire life.

"I'm happy that I was able to learn to ride a motorcycle in a short span of time," Bantayan said.

Bichaya, in a separate interview, said the improvement of the participants was immense and glad that the feedback was all positive.

"DRE is all about safety riding. We learn how to avoid accident, breaking, body positioning, things like that. This is a global event by Ducati and we are proud to say that the Philippines is one of the country doing this DRE," Bichaya said.