Monday , May 28, 2018

For beauty is pink and gold as you bloom

BEAUTY is definitely beyond the physical. However, a number of women believe that it is also important to take care of the body for inner beauty to glow on the outside.

Apart from maintaining a good health, there are other ways to stay beautiful, like going to a beauty center. Pink and Gold Salon and Bloom Facial Slimming Spa are two of the best places to be.

On June 1, Golda Valenzona Divinagracia and Pinky Soriano Pineda finally opened their new nook along Roxas Avenue in Davao City.

The said branch used to be on Quimpo Boulevard.

"Roxas has more foot traffic and is more accessible since it is in the center of the city. The space is also bigger and we hope to accommodate a larger number of new clients, too," Divinagracia said.

The owner also revealed that while Pink and Gold Salon shared a bigger space than Bloom Facial Slimming Spa at the previous location, it is now different.

"On Quimpo, Bloom used to share only 20 percent of the space. Now, it is 50-50, which means that we are now a full pledged one stop beauty bar," she said.

In this new nook, anyone can enjoy a full package of beauty treatment, and guaranteed to come out truly beautiful and gorgeous.

Divinagracia said the salon offers the same services with their Lanang branch, which include several hair treatment packages.

"Almost the same, except on this branch, Bloom Facial Slimming Spa shares equal space with Pink and Gold Salon," she reiterated. This means that both the salon and spa can already accommodate same number of clients at the same time.

How's business, so far, then?

"Since June 1, we have been feeling the warm support of our clients, both old and new. And we look forward to reaching out to more clients who want to have their overall looks polished by Bloom Facial and Slimming Spa and Pink and Gold Salon, your ultimate one-stop beauty bar," she said.

Considering its new location, which is near the Ateneo de Davao University Senior High and College campus, Holy Child of Davao College and C5 Dormitel, Divinagracia is very optimistic about their success since they know that they already have a captured market.

So, if you want to be more beautiful, visit Pink and Gold Salon and Bloom Facial Slimming Spa now!

You may set an appointment with them through mobile number 0932-1962767.


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