Saturday , May 26, 2018

Best lesson from dad

THEY always say that children have a more intimate attachment to their mothers, being the ones who nurtured them in their wombs for nine months and ushering them to the world. People usually note that among the first words uttered by a toddler is “Mama”, a so-called proof of strong “motherhood” connections. True enough, mothers give extraordinary tender loving care to their children. Although often perceived as the diligent workhorse and strong figure of authority and discipline, fathers also show their gentle side to their children. They impart their own words of wisdom to their kids. Just a day after Fathers’ Day, these readers remember the most important lessons they got from their fathers.

My father always says “Ganbare!” (do your best!) just like my lolo who would often say “kumbati!” (fight!). From them, I learned all about perseverance in every challenge that I face in life. The real world is tough, and their words prepped me right. --Jerome Cabactulan, 22, copywriter

To not let the fear of failure hinder me from reaching seemingly impossible heights, so long as I’m doing my best. When all else fails, I always have him who loves me unconditionally. For that, I am grateful to have the best and most supportive father in the world! --Gerime Mae Basalo, 23, Juris Doctor Major in International Law Practice Student (USC)

The best advice I got from my father is “Love one another.” Despite all the hate that exists in the world, my father taught me to practice kindness towards everyone. There is no weapon invented to destroy love. I always bring this lesson with me everywhere I go that a little kindness and love go a long way. --Kyrene Darby Osumo, 23, Landscape Architecture student (USC)

The most important lesson that I have learned from my father is to be competent and diligent in my actions and to be consistent even when others are not. This lesson has helped me become a good example to my friends. --Luis Miguel Monsanto, 18, ABM senior high school student (SHS-Ateneo de Cebu)