Sunday , May 27, 2018

Poraqueña sisters to vie for national beauty titles

PORAC -- This town is slowly asserting its reputation as the birthplace of beauty as two sisters from this town are representing the province in separate beauty contests.

Anne Krishia Antonio, 22 and elder sister Katrina Jireh Antonio who hail from the Model Community in Pio village, Porac town, are up running for Miss Philippines Earth and Miss Tourism Philippines, respectively.

The Miss Philippines Earth, originally called "Miss Philippines" in its early years, is a Filipino national beauty pageant held annually in search of the most beautiful and environmentally-friendly woman in the Philippines. Miss Philippines Earth is the largest and most widely participated beauty pageant in the Philippines with 50 official candidates.

Miss Tourism Philippines is perhaps the first of its kind where the winners will each be involved in actually performing socio, civic, economic, and humanitarian activities in their home towns.

It is a lofty contribution as the winners uplift the well-being of their fellow folks and generate a more productive yet dynamic impression through their actual duties for their community that is also in tandem with the Filipino spirit of bayanihan.

The younger Antonio is a graduate of the University of the Philippines. She finished Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Cum Laude honors.

The elder Antonio is a registered nurse and works at the Delos Santos Medical Center.

Both ladies said that they will do their best in the upcoming competitions as Governor Lilia Pineda and Pampanga officials wished them good luck on Friday during their courtesy call at Capitol.