Friday , May 25, 2018

Busol watershed fencing to continue amid snags

BAGUIO City Mayor Mauricio Domogan said that concerned government agencies, the local government and their private partners will still pursue the fencing of the Baguio portion of the Busol watershed amid several snags.

“There were a number of structures that were affected by the fencing project but we will still pursue the fencing project to protect the Busol watershed from further encroachments that will greatly affect the condition of the major source of water for our constituents,” Domogan said.

Busol watershed has a total land area of 336 hectares with 224 hectares located within the jurisdiction of the capital town of La Trinidad and the remaining 112 hectares is located in the city. Busol watershed is providing approximately 40 percent of the water requirements of the people in the different villages.

“We cannot afford to compromise the state of the city’s major watershed because residents will surely suffer from insufficient water supply in their places in the future once the watershed will be devastated,” Domogan added.

The mayor commended the Baguio Re-greening Movement (BRM), the Baguio Water District (BWD) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for sustaining their collaboration with each other and the local government for the completion of the fencing of a portion of the watershed funded with P18 million, which he requested from former Environment Secretary Ramon Paje several years ago.

Domogan added the P10 million counterpart of the local government for the Busol fencing project will still be subjected to public bidding while the concerned government agencies will be working out the appropriate solutions to the boundary dispute between the St. Joseph church in Pacdal and the DENR over some portions of the watershed.

In his letter to Domogan, Bishop Victor Bendico of the Diocese of Baguio claimed the fence of the church did not encroach over portions of the watershed based on the technical description enshrined in the title of the property.

However, the DENR insisted the fence of the church encroached over portions of the watershed, which is reportedly impeding the implementation of the fencing of the contested portions of the watershed.

Domogan said the controversy could only be resolved through the conduct of a joint relocation survey, thus, the local government will be communicating to the bishop and the DENR to work out the conduct of the said survey to put an end to the issue.

Aside from the funds shelled out by the DENR and the local government for the realization of the fencing project, the Fil-Am Golf Foundation provided P5 million from the proceeds of the previous staging of the golf tournament while the BRM also shared a portion of the required funds to complete the P34 million funding to complete the fencing of the 8-kilometer stretch of the watershed within the jurisdiction of the city. (PR)