Tuesday , May 22, 2018

Briones: Still missing

WHERE is Bien Unido, Bohol Mayor Gisela Boniel?

Based on accounts of “witnesses,” Gisela was shot by her husband, Bohol Provincial Board Member Niño Rey Boniel, hours after midnight of June 7.

This allegedly happened after Niño and his band of men forcibly took her from a room she shared with her best friend, Angela Leyson, in a dive camp in Bien Unido.

Leyson and her 17-year-old son were “let go” while Gisela was allegedly brought on board a pump boat. It was there that Niño allegedly pulled out a gun and fired at her.

The pump boat then headed to an area between the islands of Caubian and Olango, both in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, where Gisela’s body, wrapped with a fish net and weighed down by several stones, was allegedly dumped.

If Leyson hadn’t gone to police in Lapu-Lapu City, authorities and the public wouldn’t have known that a “crime” had been committed.

Authorities and the public also wouldn’t have known that Niño “killed” his wife if it weren’t for the revelations of Niño’s cousin, Riolito Boniel. Riolito claimed that he witnessed the whole thing since he was operating the pump boat.

Senior Supt. Jonathan Cabal, Regional Intelligence Division 7 chief, said he has a recording of the board member confessing to the crime. “He (Niño) confessed that they killed the mayor,” Cabal said. However, Niño told police that it was Riolito who shot Gisela.

While the two cousins are busy playing the blame game, the body of the “murdered” victim has yet to surface. Literally.

The search for Gisela continues, with divers from the navy and maritime police scouring the area that Riolito said her body was dumped.

Niño, Riolito, Randel Lupas, Willy Hoylar and Restituto Magoncia Jr. have already been charged with parricide.

Cabal said that the four others were included in the charge because it was “an act of conspiracy,” even though Niño is still their main suspect.

There were reports that Gisela may have been found when a “darkened corpse wrapped in a net, which emitted a foul smell,” was fished out of the waters surrounding Nocnocan Island in Talibon, Bohol, but these turned out to be false.

This prompted Senior Insp. Librado Bigcas, chief of the Bien Unido police, to urge the public to refrain from spreading wrong information on social media.

With or without a body, some quarters are confident that the cases—Niño is also charged with kidnapping and serious physical injuries—against the board member will prosper.

That, even though police failed to locate the gun that may have been used in the shooting when they searched the Boniel house in Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City.