Sunday , June 24, 2018

Apalit folks continue century-old fiesta tradition

APALIT -- Colorful barges and boats paraded along the portion of Pampanga River as part of the three-day fiesta celebration in honor of St. Peter the Apostle or “Apung Iru.”

The well-known fluvial procession that traverses the third largest river in the country dates back during the mid 1800’s where devotees and residents join together to fetch the original image of Apung Iru in Barangay Capalangan here.

From the said village, Apung Iru will be transported through a grandiose barge to the St. Peter the Apostle Parish Church in Barangay San Juan. The holy image will stay there for three days to give chance to devotees and visitors to pay respect.

Consecutive holy masses are also celebrated every hour in the parish church for three days as part of the fiesta celebration dedicated to Apung Iru, a sign of gratitude for the a bountiful year.

On June 30, the image will be brought to its home in Capalangan village, this time by pulling it while swimming along the river.

Mayor Peter Nucom, together with other local officials, joined the said procession as their personal way of thanksgiving to the patron saint.

Nucom said that this year’s celebration is extra special for him as it is his first time to join it as local chief executive.

He added that he personally thanks Apung Iru for a very productive year and prayed for guidance as he leads the town for the next two years.