Monday , June 25, 2018

Benguet salad champions local vegetables

THE giant green salad weighing a ton stood as testament to La Trinidad, Benguet, as the salad bowl of the country.

The trading post at kilometer 5 was filled with feat Thursday, July 13, as stakeholders celebrated founding of the vegetable depot with the salad offering filled with romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumber, red and green bell pepper and tomatoes with boiled marble potatoes, broccoli and sugar beets topped with your choice of mango, balsamic vinaigrette and strawberry dressing feeding over 2,000.

Augusta Balanoy said the creation of the giant salad champion’s local vegetables in a bid to fight the perennial importation problem the industry faces.

Balanoy said stakeholders are still being faced with a preference of markets to China imported vegetables because of its lower price as well as its accessibility but said the quality of locally produced vegetables over imported varieties.

The event is the brainchild of the League of Associations in the La Trinidad Vegetable Trading composed of 16 associations of packers, disposers, dealers and farmers who thought of celebrating the 1984 inception of the trading post.

Balanoy said the event is being eyed to become an annual gathering which they will ask the local council to include in the official activities of the Valley.

Themed “Remembering our humble beginnings, nurturing our present, and enhancing further potentials of the local vegetable industry,” is the league’s offering to the community as well as the tourism of the Valley.

The league partnered with School of Knowledge and Development Academy School of Culinary Arts which extend manpower and logistics.