Monday , June 18, 2018

Y-Speak: Give yourself 20 minutes

ALWAYS give yourself 20 minutes all to your own.

One of the many problems the youth today has is that they do not know how to properly express their emotions and ideas. We end up having so much pent up emotions within ourselves that at times we could feel like we are going to explode any minute.

However contrary to popular belief, letting our emotions go wild could be a good thing if done properly. I personally believe in the idea “Always have a me time.” For me that is 20 minutes a day.

The idea is simple, find a secure place all to your own. Either it is in a car, in the woods, or just in your room. Just make sure you are alone and it is quite. Next, release all your pent up emotions in that span of 20 minutes in the best manner you know how. You can dance, cry, or scream at the top of your lungs if you have to. All that matters is you let out all that emotions.

No one can judge you if there is no one else to witness what you do. Every person needs a release every once in a while. Twenty minutes a day let yourself cry, for 20 minutes a day let yourself scream, for 20 minutes a day don’t be scared and express who you really are.

In some ways it helps in day-to-day life because you end up being more focused and relaxed. All that matter is that you are able release your emotions and calm yourself down. (John Jude Benedict L. Malones)