Monday , May 28, 2018

Gueco: Being happy

GOING for the best lifestyle, I have found a philosophy which is a wellspring for excellence.

It is the principle of being…doing…having.

Yes! The be-do-have concept is my latest wake-up call as I reach the golden age (63 years) come November, 2017. Sailing away through the waves of a lifetime, I say “Aha” I got it. Self-mastery and opening the gateway to life’s mysteries are the gifts I now receive as I become a ‘senior-ager’!

Come; let us walk through the pathway of be-do-have.

‘Have’ - means acquiring worldly possessions. Having goods, houses, jewelries and oozing bank accounts are its treasure trove. My only question is this:

Are Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and Henry Sy who top the Forbes scroll of the richest persons in the world – are they the happiest persons on earth?

I do not know the Gates, Slims and Sys personally. So I cannot give my opinion on their index of joy.

However, what I have observed is this. I know that having material goods are a means to an end. They are excellent things to have and can give us comfort. However, they cannot fill my heart with the gushing waterfalls of happiness.

How about you, dear reader, what do you think?

Next, let us move on to ‘Do’.

Doing is a vital component of our existence on earth. Working, exerting efforts and pushing ourselves in our daily activities are needed for our survival.

But beware! Workaholics and manic (over busy/frenzied) people fall off from the cliffs of a healthy lifestyle. Thereafter, some of them swim on the coastline of bitterness, frustration and anxiety. What a sorry state.
Now, let us wade through the shore of another idea – ‘BE’.

BEING is defined as a state of our mind, heart and spirit. It is immaterial. You and I cannot touch it, move it or possess it. BEING is an intangible quality of our selves. Yet, for me and for the other thousands of blissful citizens, it is all that matters.

Essential, élan vital and energy flowing, our being is our wellspring of a full, wholesome and satisfying life’s journey.

Being makes me joyful. Have a delightful Sunday. For all times, BE HAPPY!