Thursday , April 26, 2018

Minyong's jungle-themed party

THERE'S no greater joy than having a child of your own.

On July 9, 2014, we were blessed with a healthy baby boy, who we called Adam Axelson "Minyong." He just turned three years old and we celebrated his birthday at the Japanese Tunnel Function Hall. It was indeed a memorable party.

Our preparations and efforts paid off as the "Jungle Birthday Party" requested by the birthday celebrant turned out a success.

The Japanese Tunnel crew did a great job in nailing a jungle-themed

The backdrop was decorative, the table arrangements were fine, and the food was flavorful.

Everything around the function hall were pleasant to the eyes. Not to mention their courteous service crew.

Our party host, the Party Bears didn't leave a single dead air as they entertained all our guests with their games and hilarious trivia. Kids felt at home playing around while their parents played their hearts out to win prizes for their little ones.

But the funny part was while everyone was having a good time, Minyong was too busy roaming around doing his thing.

Arrayed beside the center stage were delicious homemade cupcakes made by my Aunt Ida and a jungle-themed cake from Sweet Art Confection which completed Minyong's birthday wish.

As the guests sang the birthday song, Minyong held his breath for his much-awaited blowing of candles.

"All we ever wish is for you to grow a God-fearing, obedient and a healthy child. We love you so much, Minyong," our birthday message to Minyong.

By the time dinner was served, we were all lining up for Mikki's Lechon. After the dinner, a magic show then ensued. Parents and kids were amused with the magician's silly tricks and jaw-dropping magic. The jungle party was capped with a bubble dance and a bubble show as Minyong distributed the loot bags prepared by his mom, Axel.

As we ended the night, I thanked God for giving us such a wonderful gift and for blessing us unconditionally. I am also grateful to my mother Rose who is in America but never failed to provide.

Thank you as well to Morrell and Clapano family and all the close friends who made Minyong's jungle party a blast. See you next year guys!