Saturday , June 23, 2018

Zambo athletes shine in pencak silat, wrestling

THE Pencak Silat team that competed in the recent Women’s Mix Martial Art Championship reaped eight gold and one bronze medals bringing honor and fame to Zamboanga City.

Dr. Cecil Atilano, city sports development officer, said the competition was held from July 26 to 27 at Harrison Plaza, Manila.

Atilano said the medalists included Alessandra Bernardo (1 gold, 1 bronze); Cris Ann Jelyn Magtagad (3 golds); Raven Carandang (2 golds); Hanna Seins Leano (2 golds).

The team was coached by Rommel Bernardo, the Zamboanga pencak silat president.

Meanwhile, the Zamboanga wrestling team composed of eight athletes and two coaches harvested six gold, two silver, and two bronze medals in the Wrestling Mix Martial Arts under the Women Junior Division.

The wrestling competition was also held from July 26 to 27 at Harison Plaza.

The athletes included Ivy Salamanes, Erica Martinez, Shiena Jane Salcedo, Nicar Madrazo, Marydel Joe Horquita, Pilar Lingcon, Regine Suya and Andrea Allain Aldea.

They were coached by Mario Onrubia and Erlinda Onrubia.

Salazar thanked the athletes and the coaches for all their efforts.