Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Y-Speak: Racial discrimination

EVERY time I pass by Jacinto, I notice a lot of Indians walking by. I also notice some people keeping their distance every time they cross paths with one of them.

Just last week, I saw one tricycle driver shouting at the Indians because they are blocking his way. Other tricycle drivers laughed, but my friends and I got upset, although the Indians ignored the man.

Just last year, 3,000 Indians added to the 10,000 who are already here. The 6,020 were seats placed under overseas admissions in 52 universities from 2013 to 2014.

I interviewed two Indian girls named Josh and Jo, both studying medicine at Davao Medical School Foundation. They have already been here in the Philippines for three years now. The reason why they chose to study here is it’s a little bit expensive to study in India as compared here. Their government specifically endorsed Davao City because of its security especially for women compared to Manila.

Although both of them haven’t experienced discrimination yet, some of their friends did. They discussed one incident which occurred sometime ago where three Indians, who were supposed to transfer to their condo, were not accepted allegedly because of their odor. The three were forced to spend their night in the streets which made one netizen furious and posted her rant on Facebook about it.

The incident where Indians were kicked out mercilessness really irked me.

They were dumped like a hot potato. I mean, the management could have informed the persons ahead of time instead of throwing them out. Giving them time enough to look for another apartment or dorm. A perfect example of discrimination and all people deserve humane treatment regardless of where they come from.

“These poor Medical Students had to stay outside trying to be treated right. But we had No Luck. We stayed up until this time of night looking for a safe place for them to stay for the night,” the author added.

It is not Indian students losing their dignity because of their body odor but those specific Filipinos judging them by it. So sickening. They have to remember that in India we have some Filipinos based there too. Some people from India may indeed smell odd, but this should never be used as an excuse to discriminate them.

Josh said Filipinos should not generalize Indians because not all of them are the same.

Like any student, they are here to get their diplomas and make their country proud. They decided to study here because it’s a lot safer than their own country, we should show them our warm welcome instead of treating them bad. (Aubrey Denise B. Lopez)