Saturday , June 23, 2018

Dengue death review team set to convene 

THE Provincial Health Office Dengue Death Review Team will convene next week to determine the high mortality of dengue in Negros Occidental this year.

Dr. Ernell Tumimbang, provincial health officer, said this is the first time that the deaths due to dengue is high.

The figure is already more than one percent of this year's cases despite the decrease in the number of cases.

Dengue deaths in Negros Occidental were already 14, based on the latest report of the PHO.

"We will determine the common denominator and identify the causes and find ways to prevent further increase of deaths," Tumimbang said.

In previous years, the dengue mortality did not reach one percent, he said.

Tumimbang added that they will double their efforts on advocacy and information campaign on dengue because people may have been complacent of awareness especially cleaning the surroundings to avoid mosquito breeding.