Sunday , May 27, 2018

De Leon: ‘Kita kita’: Kita niyo?

INDEED, times are changing. The big, young, movie-going market has embraced a fresher take on the idea of falling in love behind the lense.

Romantic comedy films used to hit blockbusters with the unwritten rule, courtesy of the traditional hotshot couples.

With the recent years, we've all seen masterpieces that broke the norms to create a new trend in reinforcing the rom-com genre.

Fast forward to 2017, we have the inspiring and innovative film “Kita Kita,” starring Alessandra de Rossi and comedian Empoy Marquez, which was shot in Hokkaido, Japan.

Beyond all my expectations, this seemingly awkward team is now the talk of the town.

Thanks to Social Media's influence of making people realize that it's okay to fall in love with someone who's affectionate and kind, over physical characteristics.

The plot is pretty straight - De Rossi plays a blind woman who is being taken care of by Empoy. But it is a migrant story, not just a love story.

The love team is now dubbed “Alempoy,” – with a pretty interesting kicker in to it