Sunday , May 27, 2018

Sangil: Money, Money, Money

IT IS all about money. It is wrong to say that money is the root of all evil. It is too much love of money that makes one evil. Never contented of what they have till perdition descend. Two big stories hogging headlines for the past few days now on almost all metropolitan newspapers. Subject of commentaries on radio and television. So unpalatable. Tongues wagging .

The coming out of Mrs. Patricia Bautista in the open accusing the husband, Commission on Election Chairman Andres Bautista of amassing unexplained wealth running to a billion peso wouldn't only mean a possible impeachment against the latter but he may be jailed. Valuable real estate properties, condominiums, vehicles and bank deposits.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is now investigating after that many beans spilled by Mrs. Bautista vs the husband. This is one family feud that became a national interest because it would appear that Chairman Bautista was getting commissions from a law firm representing Smartmatic. This is the company that the Comelec hired for the automated elections. And that the wife said several deposits made regularly a little less than half million pesos to avoid detection by the Anti Money Laundering Agency (Amla). The poll chief maybe clever, but the wife now holds four aces.

You remember about a congressman from the Bicol region who according to a Catholic bishop started penniless early in his life. 'He can't even build his own house nor can afford the rent on a modest apartment and was forced to live with his family on his in laws residence'.

Over a period of time he became a billionaire as alleged. His breakthrough and joining the billionaires in this country is really amazing. He is not alone. 'Hindi siya nag-iisa '. A good number of solons both from the upper and lower chambers are multimillionaires or maybe billionaires. Even some governors and mayors of LGUs. Wealth and power. Good combination indeed to stay powerful, buying political seats. But most is dirty money. But all of these will have their sad endings. Look at the Parajinogs of Ozamiz City.

In this light, people are urging President Duterte to make good his promise to wage a honest to goodness campaign vs. government corruption in the same passion in fighting his drug war. Not all the help our country will get from countries like China, Russia, Japan and the United States can freed our country from poverty as long as the sticky fingers of our leaders are chopped.


Quarrying was suspended at the Sacobia River channel. For the uninformed the river is located at the back of Clark Freeport. There's so much money for the operators and stakeholders that's why instead of QUARRYING, it is now QUARRELING.

There should be no quarrying in that river channel. Desilting maybe. But the desilting shouldn't be given to quarry operators but to private contractors and the budget for the desilting should come from Department of Public Works and Highways. No out of pocket from Clark Development Corporation.

The Marawi stories were buried inside the pages of the dailies and the Bautista's family feud and P6.5 billion drug smuggling with the P270 million a day grease money handed to the sticky fingers in the Bureau of Customs secured the front pages.